This event was to congratulate artist Shelley Wapniak on her being in part of the show Skin Wars.

Model: Pearl Reich
Photographer: Jeff Fiore
Artist: Shelley Wapniak


About skin wars :
The body-painting competition welcomes 12 new contestants to compete in weekly challenges for a shot atwinning a prize package that includes $100,000 and a trip to the World Bodypainting Festival. Actress Rebecca Romijn continues as host of the series, with entertainer RuPaul and artists Craig Tracy and Robin Slonina sitting at the judges’ table to decide who is eliminated each week and which contestant is ultimately declared the winner. Contestants include Luis, a third-generation clown, and self-proclaimed “Wisconsin Hick” Otto, who works as an industrial painter during the day and a body painter at night.
Model: Pearl ReichPhotographer: Jeff FioreArtist: Shelley Wapniak

Model: Pearl Reich
Photographer: Jeff Fiore
Artist: Shelley Wapniak


I dreamed a butterfly in golden days
when buttercups lay in the fields ablaze.
It fluttered to my cheek, sweet love to bring.
My heart was yearning to burst and yearning to sing.
In breath of morn was scent of bluebell sprays.
On blossomed blankets of the fields we’d laze,
and into one another’s eyes we’d gaze,
my love and I, as April had her fling.

I dreamed a butterfly.
Our bliss was as the spring,
a fleeting phase, and brief’s the beauty of young lovers’ craze. As cruelly as a wasp, he left a sting –
and all the lovely plans we made took wing,
leaving mere memories of golden days.
I dreamed a butterfly….


Models: Amy Miller, Pearl Reich, Chandee Perez
Photographer: Jeff Fiore
Artist: Shelley Wapniak



Model: Chandee Perez
Photographer: Jeff Fiore



Model: Pearl Reich
Photographer: Jeff Fiore
Artist: Shelley Wapniak



Model: Chandee Perez
Photographer: Jeff Fiore


What an amazing event celebrating Shelley Wapniak and her magnificent body art being aired on SL#SKINWARS

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